Welcome to the Cobalt RaQ 3

This page is a place holder for the home page of your own web site.

Congratulations on Choosing a Cobalt RaQ 3 - the premier server appliance platform for web hosting.

Your new RaQ 3 delivers a full suite of Internet services with remote administration capabilities all packaged in a single rack unit height, industry standard enclosure.

Important Information

This page can easily be replaced with your own page. To replace this page, transfer your new content to the directory /home/sites/home/web  

RaQ Server Management

This RaQ 3 supports browser-based administration at the following URL: http://<your.host.domain>/admin/. You may want to bookmark this page for future use. 

Virtual Site Management

Once the server administrator has set up a new site (i.e. a virtual site), the site administrator can administer that site through the URL http://<your.virtual.domain>/siteadmin/ 

Personal Account Management

Users with accounts on the server can access and modify their personal profile information (e.g., password, automatic email response, email forwarding) through the URL http://<your.host.domain>/personal/ 

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